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Vishnumaya Temple Peringottukara
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Very Powerful Vishnumaya Temple In Kerala Where all the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled

Peringottukara Vishnu temple, Have you heard about any such place or Devasthan, where you will get the solution of all your problems? Can be found, this religious place is not located in any other country but in the state of Kerala in India.

This is one such Hindu temple in Kerala where you can find the solution to all your sorrows. Many devotees come to visit this ancient temple and get the solution to their problem. The name of this famous and grand Hindu temple located in Kerala is "Peringottukara Devasthanam Sri Vishnumaya Swamy Temple".

Sri Vishnumaya Swamy Temple located in the state of Kerala is the oldest Hindu temple in India. This temple of Kerala is more than 400 years old. Every day hundreds of devotees visit this famous temple in Kerala to get their life-related problems solved. 

People believe that one experiences positive energy while entering the temple. Peringottukara Devasthanam, located in the remote village of Thrissur, Kerala, is the oldest and largest Vishnumaya Swamy temple in India. This magnificent temple is also known as Peringottukara.

Vishnumaya Temple is one of the largest temples in India, this pilgrimage site of Kerala is the main attraction of tourists. Inside this temple, various aspects of Vishnumaya are well depicted on the wall of the temple, which looks very beautiful to see. 

Sri Vishnumaya Temple located in the Thrissur district of Kerala attracts a large number of devotees as well as tourists. The architecture of this ancient temple in Kerala attracts visitors

Peringottukara Devasthanam contact number

Peringottukara vishnumaya temple phone number :- 0487 232 9000.

Peringottukara vishnumaya temple address

Kanjany Peringottukara Rd, Kizhakkummuri, Kerala 680571

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